Bermuda Tourism Authority launches Independent Retailer Month

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) has launched the Independent Retailer Month campaign, with almost 50 retailers registering for the initiative in July.

The campaign has previously taken place in North America, but BTA has launched Bermuda’s inaugural campaign this month to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expand their reach to overseas consumers.

More than a dozen businesses are already benefiting from an increase in online orders through the availability of worldwide delivery and more streamlined online ordering systems, while SMEs in Bermuda are being encouraged to adopt shipping services to expand their potential market.

Businesses can use the hashtag #ChooseBDA to promote their goods and services, and with more than 3,500 small businesses operating in Bermuda, the retail sector has the opportunity to increase their offering through this initiative, from food and drink products to jewellery, beauty products and clothing businesses.

Retailers that require guidance on how to go digital, or to broaden their potential reach, can seek advice as part of Independent Retailer Month, while the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) has also highlighted the importance of the campaign.

For stores to qualify as independent, they must be a small shop owned by a Bermudian individual, family or partnership, and they must not be affiliated with any established franchise or global brand.

Robert O’Neill, Managing Director of Bermuda Forwarders, said: “Independent Retailer Month is a fantastic opportunity for small to medium-sized businesses in Bermuda to expand their reach and explore new opportunities.

“It’s important that businesses consider how they can increase their sales under this initiative, as well as how going digital could help them take advantage of the opportunities on offer.”

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