Bermuda Government launches ‘Work From Bermuda’ initiative

The Bermuda Government has launched an initiative aimed at attracting professionals, investors and entrepreneurs who are working remotely to apply for the ‘Work From Bermuda’ certificate.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting the way many people work, Bermuda has implemented a stringent testing regime to allow residents and visitors the flexibility to continue with their daily life and to ensure that businesses continue to thrive.

Successful applicants to the scheme will be registered as long-term visitors in Bermuda, with the holder being entitled to work remotely in Bermuda for one year.

Roland Andy Burrows, CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, said, “The trend towards remote working has been growing for some time across a number of industries in financial services and international business, and it has been accelerated by COVID-19.

“The ‘Work from Bermuda’ certificate allows professionals and higher-education students to continue to conduct their business in a safe and virtually COVID-19-free environment while benefitting from everything Bermuda has to offer.

“This includes our ideal geographic time-zone, our modern infrastructure from wi-fi to electric cars, and our sophisticated island lifestyle.”

The Work From Bermuda scheme also represents an opportunity for businesses in Bermuda to expand their offering and explore how shipping services may assist them in expanding their potential market.

Robert O’Neill, Managing Director of Bermuda Forwarders, said: “The initiative is a great chance for those working remotely to experience the fantastic opportunities that Bermuda has to offer.

“It’s also an important opportunity for businesses to consider how they can use the opportunity to expand their business, particularly following on from the opportunities afforded by July’s Independent Retailer Month initiative.”

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