Environmental Policy

Thinking Forward, Thinking Green

International freight, transport and logistics organisations are typically recognised as companies that can most commonly have a negative impact on the environment. At Bermuda Forwarders (UK) Ltd, we recognise and respect the responsibility that we have both as a company, but more importantly as environmentally-conscious people, to reduce any and all negative impact that we might have on the environment.

We take measures to ensure that our business operations are sustainable, and have minimum disruption on both local and global environments. Our most significant environmental reductions to date are associated with waste disposal, energy use and packaging.

Our environmental policy will be implemented and achieved by encouraging our staff and our suppliers to have the right training, education, capability and authority to reduce the impact that Bermuda Forwarders (UK) will have on the environment.

As a bare minimum, Bermuda Forwarders (UK) and its staff will:

  • Comply fully with all necessary regulations and legal requirements relating to our operations in international transport and freight
  • Monitor our environmental impact, sustainability, and ‘carbon footprint’
  • Communicate our policy and requirements to all persons working for or on our behalf
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement enabled by empowered employees.

This policy will continue to be reviewed and amended by the Bermuda Forwarders (UK) board on a bi-annual basis. This ensures that we remain abreast of all legislation and can take preparatory measures to continue to think forward, and think green.