Our pricing is based on size and weight, method of shipment (air or sea) and level of service required. Our team will be happy to assist you with providing a quotation for your shipment. Please contact us here.

We can arrange collection from anywhere in the UK on as little as 24 hours-notice. Alternatively, you can deliver to our receiving depot.

All items must be sufficiently packed for shipping. We can arrange collection and export packing for all types of shipments.

For commercial shipments, we need a commercial invoice and packing list. For personal effects and household goods, we require a completed set of forms which you can find in our Guide to Shipping Household Goods and Personal Effects.

Our airfreight service arrives in Bermuda on the same day that it departs the UK. Our ocean freight service is approximately 16 days from Liverpool to Hamilton, although this is only estimated.

Our partner in Bermuda, BEST Shipping, will contact you and help you through the customs clearance and delivery processes.

VAT is not applicable to items being sold and exported to Bermuda. The seller should zero rate their invoice and we will provide them with proof of export for VAT purposes. For more assistance, please contact us here.