Shipping to Bermuda by Ocean or Air – How to calculate your costs

If you are looking to send goods or personal possessions to Bermuda via sea or air freight an important consideration will often be how much it costs.

Managing the cost of international shipments from the UK to Bermuda requires careful planning, as many factors go into the cost calculations for shipping.

In fact, the various factors that affect the price that you pay for shipments to Bermuda are different depending on whether your freight is travelling by ocean or via air.

To help you understand these factors, and give you an idea of how your shipment costs are calculated we have prepared a helpful video:

If you are looking to minimise the costs of shipments, different steps and approaches can be taken, but you must first understand the basic principles of overseas freight.

Here are some tips to follow beforehand:

  • Choose the Right Mode of Transport: Ocean freight is typically cheaper than air freight, but it’s also slower. If speed isn’t a priority, consider shipping by sea. However, if the product is high-value or perishable, air freight could reduce costs associated with damage or spoilage.
  • Plan Ahead: Both air and ocean freight costs can fluctuate based on demand. By planning your shipments well in advance, you can avoid peak shipping times and secure lower rates. Last-minute bookings tend to be more expensive, so try to avoid these if possible.
  • Package Efficiently: The way your goods are packaged can impact the cost of shipping. Efficient packaging reduces the size and weight of your shipment, which can affect freight costs.

If you would like us to help you with the calculations for shipping goods or possessions from the UK to Bermuda, or vice versa, please speak to our team today.