Bon voyage to the Vendée Globe solo participants!

Whilst we are all coping with Government lockdowns and quarantines, we’ve been reflecting this morning on a group of 33 brave individuals who yesterday started their own self-imposed isolation for the next 10 weeks!

Sunday 8th November was the start of the Vendée Globe solo, non-stop sailing race around the world. 27 men and 6 women set sail from Les Sables d’Olonne on the French Atlantic coast, embarking on a race that has become known as the ‘Everest of the Seas’.

It will be another 10 weeks before they step foot on dry land or see another person. The race rules determine that they must complete the 25,000-mile course without any assistance.

All of the boats measure 60 feet and they are amongst the most powerful monohulls on the planet, attaining speeds of more than 30 knots downwind.

Over the next few days, they’ll be sailing out of the Bay of Biscay then heading south down the Portuguese coast, avoiding becoming trapped in the anti-cyclone Azores high, as they slide towards Madeira and the Cape Verde islands.

For those of you lucky enough to watch the America’s Cup held on the Great Sound in Bermuda in June 2017 or who get a buzz from yacht racing at the very highest level, or if you simply want to view some incredible feats of human endurance, then you can follow the Vendée Globe online at

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